9 Steps on How To Get Your Ex Back

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9 Steps Guide To Get Your Ex Back

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Now here is the my proven 9 step guide

how to get your ex backBreakups are very painful doesn’t matter if you made big mistake or your ex left you for some unknown reason. The pain, frustration and loneliness can overcome anyone even to the hardiest person – especially if they invested lots of love into their relationship.

You don’t have to worry because there is always some HOPE to get your ex back. With the help of correct guidance you can win your ex back doesn’t matter how worst your situation is. You don’t need to beat yourself if you want to get your ex back. Forget all things because they are past now and only focus on future. If you want to know how to get your ex back then you have reached to the right page.

YES!! You need some help in order to win back your ex and that is the reason I want you to combine Brad’s Ex Factor techniques with these 9 steps.

You can take help from this guide and get your ex back. I know it is difficult for you to overcome from the painful feelings of breakup but if you stick to this plan you will surely improve your chances in getting your ex back.

So stop blaming yourself and start working on following steps to get your love back to you once again.

STEP 1 – Understand Your Mistakes and Admit Them:

The first step for how to get your ex back is understanding your mistakes. Look I don’t know you and I also don’t know why your relationship ended. If you make big mistake or your ex left you for unknown reason. But, one thing I can surely say to you is that your relationship comes to an end because of one of these 5 reasons:

  • Boredom
  • Unexpressed Wants
  • Unaddressed Needs
  • Infidelity
  • Feeling of Loss

After the breakup your main priority should be:

Understand Your Mistakes

  • Why your relationship comes to an end?
  • Where things gone wrong in your relationship?
  • Why did you do them?
  • Will you do them?

Admit them

  • Are you ready to say sorry to your ex?
  • Do you think you are brave enough to face your ex one-on-one?

Analyze your motives

  • Why do you want your ex back?
  • Do you want your ex back for all the right reasons?
  • Are you ready to live with your ex for whole life?

Take Action on your decision

  • How do you approach your ex to say sorry?
  • Where you going to approach your ex?

Lastly, accept your ex’s decision

  • What you are going to do if results come positive?
  • What you are going to do if results come negative?
  • If results come positive or negative then what you are doing to do next?

Step 2 – Respect Your Ex And Give Him/her Some Space:

win ex backUnfortunately, sometime SORRY is not enough – especially if your painful feelings of breakup are new and fresh. It is important for you to give some space to your ex so you both can grow.

Never hold your life always keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy is the best away to remove from the painful feelings of breakup. Additionally, you can use this space to work on watching Brad’s Ex Factor videos and reading this how to get your ex back guide.

This space is important for you and your ex as well. In this space your ex can recover from the negative feelings. Naturally pains fade away with time. Currently your ex is bombarded with many mix feelings and if you make any chance to contact your ex it will hurt you only.

Additionally, this space is also important for you. You can gain confidence that you once had. By making full use of this time you can grow in your life and stop yourself from making any mistakes. You can also become attractive by adopting new lifestyle and passion. As you can see you can utilize this time in your own benefits but if you lock yourself in dark room then you are killing any chances of getting ex back with your own hands.

Step 3 – Don’t Jeopardize the Hope for Winning Them Back:

If you want to win your ex back then you have to keep in your mind that getting your ex back will take some time. It may be possible you get your ex back sooner than you expect but sometime it may take longer than you have planned. It is important to keep your hope high throughout the process of learning how to get your ex back.

Keep these don’ts in your mind,

Don’t Panic:

You have to avoid getting panic at all cost. This is because panic can trigger the feelings of worry and hot temperedness. Both these feelings are your enemies and they can kill any chance for getting ex back. It is a cycle, first you get worry for the health of your ex and then you start sending lots of text messages to your ex. You have to do your best to eliminate panic as much as possible. This is the only way to can stop yourself from making mistakes.

Don’t intimidate:

Never try to intimate your ex with grave threads. If you never try to intimidate your ex with grave threads it will show you how mean, selfish and immature you are. Many men and women try to intimate their ex with grave threads but in the end they blow all their chances.

There are many men and women who are frustrated tend to dump threats to their ex. The sentence starts with something like, “If you don’t come back to me then I will…” – and sentence ends with grave promise to do something to self or to the other. This is the heavy form of emotional blackmailing that triggers feelings of angry, guilt and fear.

If your love is fair then there is no place for grave threads in your relationship. You can win your ex back by only positive emotions.

Step 4 – Get Back Into Your Life:

Enjoy your lifeYou should get into your life once again if you want to learn how to get your ex back. Your body is full of negative feelings and these feelings don’t let you to work on getting your ex back. These feelings are making you sad and this is only hurting your chances. In this situation the best thing you can do is take some vacation. New environment and new people will distract you from negative feelings and you will recover quickly. Spend some out-of-city or out-of-country vacation with your family and friends to enjoy your life.

If you are living with tight budget then you can distract yourself from negative feeling by adopting new hobby or taking inspiration for one of your hobbies. Fun activities like swimming in the sea, caring your garden and jogging early in the morning with definitely help you in recovering from painful feelings and they will improve your health as well.

If you think you didn’t spend enough time with your family members and your friends then go and reconnect with them because this is the golden opportunity to reconnect with them. Your family members and friends are your well-wisher and spending time with them will make you feel fresh and energetic.

Finally, get back to work or keep yourself involve in helping someone in his business. If you don’t have any job then start finding one. Keep yourself busy among different people is the best way to recover quickly.

Step 5 – Become Best Friend With Your Body:

exerciseNow we already talk about all the sensible things that help you to overcome painful feelings of breakup. It is right time to become attractive so you are able to show your ex about what he/she missed by leaving you. Your ex selected you before from others because you subconsciously display traits that attract him/her.

You can also do it again by developing these attractive traits once again. You can only make this happen by adopting healthy lifestyle or in simple words I can say by becoming best friend with your body.

Return to your life with passion – you are simply more than just charming. If you feel good about yourself you will see yourself outstanding in the eyes of others. Just remember don’t keep yourself alone. This trigger depression and anxiety.

Are you excited now? That’s the spirit you need. But before your ex see new attractive version of your body you have got to adopt simple exercise routine, healthy diet and proper sleep.

Step 6 – Improve Your Lifestyle:

Besides improving your healthy and body with fitness you should also focus on making improvements in your lifestyle by adopting latest fashion. You don’t need to spend all of your money on adopting new fashion even a little changes can help you a lot.

Regularly surf different fashion websites and magazines to find out what is the latest trend now these days. For females, magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan can provide great ideas. For male, magazines like Esquire and GQ can provide great help. Instead of buying every new style clothes it is good to save some of your money and invest in purchasing fancy underwear and sexy lingerie and include them in your formal, in-formal and casual dressing.

Other than adopting new style clothing you can also adopt new hairstyle to match your personality. With the help of hair color and new hair style men and women can dramatically change their look. Keep on changing hairstyle go from straight to bouncy and wavy.

Keep in mind your skin plays very important role. If you feel your skin is losing its brightness then get facial massage. It is very important for your skin to look bright, glowing and fresh whenever you meet with your ex.

All these changes will help you in boosting your self-esteem. When you feel comfortable in your clothes and skin your body will send sizzling message that you are single and available. This really make your ex jealous and jealously is one of the easiest way to get your ex back.

Step 7 – Be Seductive:

Your body is in good shape and mind now it is time to update your mind as well. You have to update your knowledge by reading books and surfing different websites. It is important to update your information about the topic that is common in between you and your ex. When you both meet together it is also important for your body and mind to meet together as well.

By reading lots of books you will carry information with you and this conversation with help you when you meet with your ex. You can continue your conversation with your ex as long as you want because you have lots of information in your mind to share. This way you will not only be admire for your body only but also for your mind as well.

Step 8 – Date Someone Else:

dating againWhen your body and mind is ready, it is right time to start dating someone else. But it is important to keep your dating to fun level. Dating will generate ‘fear of loss’ feeling into your ex’s mind. Your ex will start thinking about you. The more your ex will think about you the more your ex will miss you.

Naturally humans don’t know the value of things they have until they lost it. You are still in your ex’s heart but when you start dating with someone else then he/she will think about you.

Dating will also help you in building your self-confidence. Additionally, with the help of dating you can keep your mind preoccupied with new friends. And finally you will get lots of fun while dating someone new.

Step 9 – Reconnect with your Ex:

Now this is the last and the most important step of this how to get your ex back guide. Remember, before you connect with your ex it is important for you to go through all of the steps that I mentioned above.

Since recovering from painful feelings of breakup and updating your body and mind will take some time that is the reason I recommend you to follow Brad Browning’s technique on reconnecting ex back.

Brad will show you how to reconnect with your ex without begging. In fact your ex will think it is his or her idea to contact you. So watch Brad’s video to find out how his techniques work in getting ex back.